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Our 28 Day QuickStart program is a good jump into kettlebells. You'll be well coached knowing that you can confidently carry out the movements safely and efficiently. 
Please read through all FAQ before registering.
  • 12 Live Workouts with our certified Coaches
  • ​8 BONUS Workouts to do at Home
  • ​ Nutrition Coaching
  • ​ 28 Day "Get Lean" Protein-Focused Meal Plan + Grocery List
  • ​ Supplement Guidance
  • ​ Better Lookin’ Bod – Lose Body Fat and Get Results!
  • ​ Meet and Workout With Cool People
  • ​ Build CONFIDENCE while Building Muscle
  • ​ Body Fat Testing before and and after (to measure your results)
  • ​ Mobile App To Track Your Progress
  • ​ Healthy Snack Ideas
  • ​ Private Facebook Group For Accountability And Support

Please read through all FAQ before registering.
"I first started 180 Kettlebells in 2015 in the 28 Day QuickStart and it was one of the best decisions of my life!" -Miranda Tesch
What is an 28 Day QuickStart? 
Our 28 Day QuickStart is our four week class that teaches the foundational movements of kettlebells, plus other movements that are frequently used during our daily workouts. Our 28 Day QuickStart program will prepare you for a membership knowing that you can confidently carry out the movements safely and efficiently. 
How long does it last? What time is class?
Our four week 28 Day QuickStart program meets three times per week. We are open M-Sat. (closed Sunday)  View schedules HERE
How much does it cost? What's included?
The total cost for the 28 Day QuickStart program is $199 per participant and includes all of the things listed above. 

Total cost of $150/person if you sign-up with a friend.
Total cost of $125/person if you sign-up with two friends.
**Please email us at contact@180kbellgym.com for the promo codes.**
What if I miss an 28 Day QuickStart class? 
Chances are good that you'll oversleep or get stuck in traffic or something of that nature in the 28 days but no problem, you can reschedule for another time that same week and make it up. You are free to roam to 3 different classes in the week (12x in the 28 days) you easily schedule with our app to the classes that fit your schedule. 
After completing the 28 Day QuickStart program, what's next?
Once you have successfully completed your four week 28 Day QuickStart program, you'll be automatically enrolled as a 180 Kettlebell Gym member with a Limited Membership [3x per week] for the following month. With this seamless transition, you'll be able to start kettlebell classes immediately. View our Membership Options page for more information.

On the other hand, if you decide that kettlebells are not for you - just let us know that you'd like to cancel the auto enroll at least 5 days prior to the end of the  program. No hard feelings. No questions asked.
I am new to working out... Do I need to be "in shape" before starting the 28 Day QuickStart program? 
Whether you’re brand new to fitness, following-through on a New Year’s Resolution, got off track and looking to get back on or you're an elite athlete striving to take your training to the next level - 180 Kettlebell Gym 28 Day QuickStart program will further your understanding of functional fitness and will give you a solid foundation to help you achieve your athletic performance and/or fitness goals. 
I've heard kettlebells are dangerous. Is this true?
The more people are educated about their bodies and how to do movements correctly, the less chance of injuries. Throwing a new person into a kettlebell class without knowing the movements can cause problems for everyone. This is exactly why  our kettlebell classes are led by knowledgeable certified coaches. We'll begin with a focus on mechanics, followed by consistency and finally, intensity to ensure movements are performed properly and efficiently to avoid injury. 
What if I have restrictions or prior injuries? 
EVERYTHING can be modified... We can't stress this enough! Each body is different and our 28 Day QuickStart will help our coaches get to know you and your physical restrictions. Our 28 Day QuickStart helps coaches learn about each person individually and how they can modify movements to fit each person's individual needs.
I want to lose _____ pounds. Is that possible at 180 Kettlebell Gym?  
Absolutely! While getting to the gym is important for reaching your weight loss goals, 80% of your results will actually depend on your nutrition. This is why our 28 Day QuickStart program has a strong emphasis on nutrition. We'll provide you with nutritional and supplementation guidance to help you fuel your kettlebell workouts and reach your goals.
The thought of doing kettlebells scares the crap out of me... I am so intimidated/nervous! 
[not exactly a question, but we hear this frequently]!  
Don't be intimidated... we have new people [all beginners] starting all the time, with our coaches as your guide. You'll be introduced to the rules of kettlebells and you'll learn how we operate. By the end of your 28 Day QuickStart you'll have a good understanding of 180 Kettlebell Gym, the supportive community that is 180 Kettlebell Gym and how you fit into our kettlebell "family." 
Please read through all FAQ before registering.
"I started 180 Kettlebell Gym in September 2015 in the 28 Day QuickStart. It was appealing to me because I wanted to learn all of the movements and get that foundation so I could get the most out of classes." -Matt R.
Please read through all FAQ before registering.
what others are saying...
"I started 180 Kettlebell Gym in 2015 in the first official Results Boot Kamp. Before that, I had yo-yoed at different fitness places and never found the right fit. I was definitely looking for more support and for people who would continue to push me. 180 Kettlebell Gym has that...." 
-Rhonda Meyer